Afnan Heritage Rose D'Arabia Air Freshener - 300ml

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Top Notes: Peony, Powdery, Amber. Middle Notes: Woody, Cedar, Musk. Base Notes: Vanilla, Rose, Orchid.
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Air Freshener Notes

Top Notes:  Peony, Powdery, Amber.
Middle Notes:  Woody, Cedar, Musk.
Base Notes:  Vanilla, Rose, Orchid.

About the Afnan Brand

Imran Fazlani is the founder, managing director, and nose of Afnan Perfumes LLC. He has created a business that can challenge the market by building unique, detailed, crafted fragrances that inspire experiences through product quality and design. Imran built his product portfolio to share a connection to different life experiences, as well as develop the curiosity and desire of consumers looking for an exotic feel of mixed ethnicities. Since Succeeding in his goal to build a unique perfume house, Afnan with his 18 years of expertise has established a one-of-a-kind scent organization through organic growth, driven by life knowledge and independent motivation. These elements have inspired every collection, all produced with conviction and direction.