Vileda Active Max Flat Mop System

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KD 4.800
The Vileda ActiveMax classic mop is a high-quality microfibre flat mop that is designed specifically cleaning wooden and laminate floors, although it can be used on all hard floor surfaces
SKU: UTC FH72227

Product Highlights

1. Water Absorbency


The white stripes on the pad are microfibre so perfect for removing stubborn dirt, whilst the blue stripes are made from cotton fibres and offer fantastic absorbency for a better cleaning result.


2. Telescopic Handle

Do you need a longer handle to reach certain spots in your home? To guarantee a secure and effective mopping performance, the telescopic handle can be expanded to fit your requirements.

3. Vertical Cleaning


The microfibre flat mop’s construction is designed to fit into vertical areas. The trapezoid shape of this mop head comes in handy when cleaning staircases.





Corner Cleaning

The microfibre flat mop is shaped like a trapezoid and easily fits into corners. Reaching inaccessible areas in your home becomes much easier with a perfectly-fitting mop for corner cleaning



Looped Fibres

The mop removes stubborn dirt and other marks on your floor with the help of its blue & white looped fibres. These are designed to enhance the mop’s ability to collect fine dust



Streak-Free Shine

The combination of microfibres and cotton guarantees a streak-free wiping experience and leaves your floors shining