Yardley Arthur Eau De Toilette, Classic Aromatic Refreshing Scent, Formal Fragrance 100ml

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Yardley Arthur Eau de Toilette, classic aromatic refreshing scent, formal fragrance, 100 ml
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"A classic aromatic fougere, refreshing scent that’s exhilarating and distinctly masculine. It’s a traditional English gentlemen’s scent with lots of attitude and class and can be perfectly used as a formal fragrance.

Fragrance Inspiration / Story

Travel back to old England, the time when regal castles and breathtaking palaces were bustling with the sounds of court festivities. When the English King sat on his golden throne and ruled his kingdoms with the help of his loyal following. Arthur fragrance from the house of Yardley is a regal fougère composition of elegance and majesty."