Yardley Feather Eternal Perfumed Gift Set Eau De Parfum 100ml + Body Spray 150ml

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Yardley Feather Eternal perfurmed Gift set for delicate woman, Rose leaves, Red berries, magnolia and jasmine fragrance, Eau De Parfum 100ml + Body Spray 150ml

"Yardley Feather Eternal is a delicate fresh fragrance for the contemporary yet timeless woman of today. The elegant and sensual accords reveal rose leaves and red berries accompanied by magnolia & jasmine in the heart, settling to a warm base of musk, amber, and cedarwood.

Fragrance Inspiration / Story

A bouquet of fresh flowers is picked from a garden at dawn, just when the first rays of the majestic English sun quietly touch the earth. The dew drops are still fresh on the petals of the newly opened blooms that emanate a rich perfume that is truly uplifting. Yardley’s fragrance radiates happiness through its beautiful and luminous scent that’s truly pretty, timeless, and romantic."