Yardley Imperial Jasmine Perfumed Gift Set, Eau De Toilette 125ml + Body Spray 150ml

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Yardley Imperial Jasmine perfumed gift set, Floral scent with Jasmine and orange blossom fragrance, Eau De Toilette 125ml + Body Spray 150ml

"The delicate and captivatingly sweet scent of jasmine blossoms is captured in Yardley's Imperial Jasmine. This distinctive Imperial Jasmine Eau De Toilette is an elegant scent with captivating white florals of jasmine and orange blossom at the heart, drying down to warm woody accords of musk, patchouli, and white honey – perfect to wear both day and night.
Fragrance Inspiration / Story

A majestic English garden where the south-facing stone wall is dressed in a covering of delicate white jasmine. Bathed in shimmering moonlight, they mysteriously release their sweet scent into the cool summer air. They are carefully collected at night as its petals burst with an intoxicating aroma to create one of Yardley’s most distinctive and empowering fragrances."