Yardley Original Perfumed Gift Set Eau De Toilette 100ml + Body Spray 150ml

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Yardley Original perfumed gift set, Fresh fragrance for masculine elegance, Eau de Toilette 100ml + Body Spray 150ml

"Original by Yardley is a classic expression of masculine elegance with a flair for sophistication. Opens with the freshness of bergamot and mandarin, slowly moving into warm notes of nutmeg and cinnamon softened with verbena which lingers with sophisticated yet potent woody notes of amber and patchouli. It adds a touch of rugged elegance to everyday activities.
Fragrance Inspiration / Story

This fragrance was created to bring to life the wonder of an unforgettable oriental experience and its citrusy, woody aromas. It is a metaphor for adventure, a matrix that speaks of passion, charm and dignity. It expresses of a man’s spirit for exploration and his relentless journey to new and interesting places. Yardley Original Eau De Toilette fills each day with warm notes and oriental quests that go on forever."